Meeting in Weimar April 9th–10th, 2022

As far as the pandemic conditions allow, we will meet in Weimar the weeke-end of 9th–10th, 2022!

We have revised and added to our Statement of Aims. Check out the updated version.

Our schedule:


14:30 Uhr, Hotel Kaiserin Augusta, Bahnhofsvorplatz, August-Baudert-Platz: meet-up tp drive to Kromsdorf

    14:45 Uhr, Kromsdorf: trees for Klaus Trosdorff and Petru Mureşan

    16:00 Uhr, Lehnstedt, Ortsmitte, tree for Georgi Adorian

Pflanzung von Gedenkbäumen im Rahmen der Aktion “1000 Buchen” des Lebenshilfe-Werks Weimar/Apolda

SUNDAY, APRIL 10th, 2022

10.00 Uhr in the cinema hall of the memorial site

11th Meeting of the Descendants

organized by the LAG Buchenwald-Dora e.V.

13.30 Uhr, Gedenkstätte Buchenwald
Geschichte Bewusst Machen. Ein Weg durch Buchenwald zum 77. Jahrestag der Befreiung: Bahnhof Buchenwald | Lagertor | Gedenkstein für die Frauen in den Außenlagern des KZ Buchenwald (Block 5) | Jüdisches Mahnmal (Block 22) | Denkmal für die ermordeten Sinti und Roma (Block 14)

15.00 Uhr, Gedenkstätte Buchenwald
Gedenkfeier mit Kranzniederlegung auf dem ehemaligen Appellplatz

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Statement from Eva Fahidi – April 11, 2020

As one of the oldest Buchenwald Häftlings I am very pleased to read the testimony of the third generation Buchenwald and find it excessively important.
We who survived, we the woman who did the work for man, we know something only we know. We know how to help each other with a sentence, with a smile with the memory of the mother or a good friend who disappeared between Debrecen and Birkenau until you arrived during that unbearable 3 days of journey with the memory of the little sister, who stand at the small window of the cattle car. In the program we want to remit to you there is written that we would like to teach you to build a much better world than we had. The most important thing that prevent us from having humane and empathetic life is hatred. If you are afraid of someone you hate him/her. This is a never ending spiral: fear-and hatred, hatred and fear.
Your generation must be cleverer than ours was, you have to build your live and society without any hatred. That you should have had learned from us, even if Coronavirus would not have come.
So many good thing are to be done. Every person brings some ability with himself to have fun on music, or drawing, painting, carving, dancing, it is an important task to help each-other in developing these good things. You must be clever and you must built your much better society on mutual help and empathy. That is our heritage.
All of us, youngsters and old people, we have fantasy. All of us, we can imagine that we are standing now there at the Appelplatz holding hands with you, singing our Buchenwaldlied, and even the weather that awful Buchenwaldweather is clear, the sun is shining warmly. And we are one in affection and the will that our children your clever generation will find the method, that did not succeed to be found as yet, the fearless life on earth.

Eva Fahidi

–We stand in deep gratitude for Eva Fahidi’s statement who keeps inspiring us with her engergy, love and power!

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Open table postponed – let’s stay in touch

Dear all,

due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our open table (like all commemorative activities in Weimar and Buchenwald) postponed – to a later date this year or to next year.

We would like to stay in touch or get in touch nevertheless, so please contact us via e-mail so that we can find a way to establish the contact:

Please stay tuned to this page in case that the tree planting can still take place this year.

Stay safe! Show solidarity!

Third Generation Buchenwald

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OPEN TABLE at Projekt Eins, on Saturday the 13th of April 2019, between 3 pm and 11 pm

Third Generation Buchenwald is offering an OPEN TABLE at Projekt Eins, on Saturday the 13th of April, between 3 pm and 11 pm (15.00–23.00 Uhr)

Meet us from 3 pm on Saturday the 13th of April, at Projekt Eins.
We from Third Generation Buchenwald would like to offer an open space for everybody who is in Weimar that week-end and interested in the history, present and future of Buchenwald and its remembrance.
We will provide information about the commemorations and activities taking place around the 11th of April, the Memorial Day of the Buchenwald camp liberation.
We will share our materials about museum, exhibitions, projects related to Buchenwald and the concentration camp system, in the area of Weimar, Erfurt, Jena and around.
We will look together through books and leaflets, discussing different points of view on the history of Buchenwald: from personal histories, testimonies, experts, educators, to policy makers.

We invite all those interested in Buchenwald history and memory, the history of the area, interested in museums, books, exhibitions and local projects, in sharing personal histories, exploring connections between past and present, meeting new people with similar interests.

We can offer information in several languages: German, English, French, Italian, and Romanian. You can pick up some materials, take a drink at the bar, listen to some soft music, while sharing knowledge and some relaxed time with us.

Third Generation Buchenwald is an international group whose aim is to keep the memory of the concentration camp Buchenwald alive – through collective action and in order to build a vivid and meaningful international memory of the NS-past in Buchenwald and beyond.

Projekt Eins space is a local project of KulturTragWerk e.V. Weimar, a nonprofit organisation promoting art and culture.

This is a safe space and event, no racist, homophobic, sexist, classist behaviors will be allowed.

Saturday the 13th of April 2019, between 3 pm and 11 pm

Address: Projekt Eins, Schützengasse 2, 99423 Weimar


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Commemoration April 2015

This year we organize a talk with L. Nuzbaum – Romanian survivor from Buchenwald. The   event will take place on Friday, 10 April 2015 from 3:00 p.m.–4:30 p.m. at Mon Ami, Goetheplatz 11, Weimar // on the ground floor, left-hand entrance. 

In the Romanian paper Gazeta de Artă Politică  you can find an article about Romanian survivors from Buchenwald.


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Summer in Russia

We are preparing a research visit in Russia at the end of August 2014.

We will keep you posted on our program and impressions.

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Meeting many new people this year at the commemoration

Some activists of “Third Generation Buchenwald” attended this year’s 69th commemoration of Buchenwald’s liberation from inside and outside on April 11 (the actual day of the liberation/self-liberation) and April 13 (the Sunday is always the day of the big commemoration ceremony). We attended guided tours, visited the museum, listened to survivors’ testimonies and met many people to exchange ideas about the future of memory. Last but not least, we had our first “info table” at the entrance of the memorial which was very well attended. People left us comments on why they are coming to Buchenwald. We will further report on these enriching exchanges on this blog and on Facebook.

Information  was handed out in Russian, English, French and German

Information was handed out in Russian, English, French and German

We come from all over the world!

We come from all over the world!

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Starting the year with a meeting in Bucharest

Activists from Berlin and Bucharest have met during the period 20-23 of January 2014 and explored together the possibilities to develop further partnerships in Bucharest – collecting ideas and looking for people interested to become part of our future projects – as partners in the learning process, as participants, advisors, publics.

Together we organized the following activities:

– we have visited a woman survivor from an external concentration camp of Buchenwald;

– we have discussed with the manager of the educational department of the Elie Wiesel Institute – the state institute responsible for Holocaust research in Romania;

– we have visited the Holocaust Memorial and we have attended the commemoration of the Bucharest Pogrom (of 21-23 January 1941) at the Jewish Cemetery;

– we have met activists interested in the topic of Holocaust education and exchanged knowledge from our different social contexts.

As a result, we have developed 2 further actions:

1. an international workshop in Bucharest, October 2014, for knowledge sharing regarding the history of Holocaust in Romania and the recent memory politics related to it, in the wider European context;

2. an international seminar in Bucharest, May 2015, for knowledge sharing on educational/ pedagogical methods in deadling with nationalism, fascism, racism among young people.

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Motivation for our projects

“We, the survivors, are not going to live forever. You, the young, are not only the preservers of our legacy, you also embody our hope for a peaceful world – the kind of world we have always hoped for.”

Bertrand Herz, President of the International Committee Buchenwald Dora and Kommandos, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the liberation, April 2005

2010_04_10 (3)_m

We are an international group called “Third Generation Buchenwald” whose aim is to keep the memory of the concentration camp Buchenwald alive – through collective action and to build a vivid and meaningful international memory of the NS-past in Buchenwald and beyond.

We are committed to keeping alive the legacy of those who experienced the concentration camp Buchenwald and its subcamps, and applying in the current international context the lessons to be learnt from those experiences.

We are exploring different ways to do so, in a manner that both honours the legacy from the past and is appropriate to our times.

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