Commemoration April 2013

68th Anniversary Of The Liberation Of The Concentration Camp Buchenwald – April 2013

Meeting of the Third Generation Buchenwald in Weimar and Buchenwald Memorial

2013-04-11 (11) 2013-04-11 (7)

2013-04-13 (12)

// sharing ideas // working on the exhibition project //

2013-04-11 (25) 2013-04-12 (3) 2013-04-11 (27) 2013-04-12 (17)

2013-04-12 (14)

The inspiration for our exhibition project came from “Deutsches Mauthausen Komitee Ost e.V.”, which is an organisation very similar to Third Generation Buchenwald, committed to preserving the memory of the former camp Mauthausen in Austria. Martin, one of their members and grandson of a survivor, came to Weimar and presented their exhibition project to us.

2013-04-13 (6)

// working on the crowdfunding movie //

2013-04-11 (12) 2013-04-13 (11)

// 68th Anniversary of the liberation of the Concentration Camp Buchenwald //


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