Commemoration April 2015

Our project in the frame of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Buchenwald concentration camp 

2015-04-10_Nuszbaum talk_flyer_DIN A5

Mass deportation from North Transylvania started in summer 1944. Between May and June 1944 all the Jews from the ghettos in northern Transylvania were deported to the extermination camp Auschwitz. Ladislau Nuszbaum was deported to Auschwitz and from there he was transferred to the Buchenwald sub camp Niederorschel, where he was forced into labour.

Mid June 1945 L. Nuszbaum and around 100 survivors from Romania and Hungary left Buchenwald to get home. Most of them were under the age of 35.

But there was no “coming home”. Most of their family members were murdered and their houses or flats were inhabited. In most European countries associations were founded by survivors. The committies worked on different topics: provided welfare, worked for compensation and rehabilitation, organized commemorations and started research projects about the recent past.

This kind of activities, support and solidarity among the survivors developed in Romania as well – this will be the main focus of the talk with Ladislau Nuszbaum.


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