The Fund Rising Campaign 2013

Our Project is entitled “Exploring the past and shaping the future”; through it, we want to develop a collective and participative multimedia multidisciplinary exhibition that travels around the world, addressing especially young people.

Our first indiegogo campaign has ended in August 2013 but you can always support us with donations to the account mentioned below.

an exhibition traveling the world

In a 1st stage, we have met in September 2013, for a five days workshop in which we worked on an exhibition concept, initial materials, types of materials to be gathered in the next project stages, about the concentration camp Buchenwald and its subcamps.

In a 2nd stage, this exhibition will travel from country to country and city to city discussing what happened in Buchenwald, providing materials and inspiration for further research, art works, interventions. Our first destinations will be Romania and Spain.

In a 3rd stage, youth in their hometowns will add something to this exhibition. This can be done through new local research, interviews with survivors or art works based on the initial materials of the exhibition. As it travels, the exhibition will include these contributions, continuously growing and transforming.

To get everything started, we have planned a workshop from September 19 to September 22, to build the 1st project stage.

Your donations made it possible for people from Romania, Russia, Belgium and Germany to meet, brainstorm and plan together at this workshop in September 2013.

Our project is non-governmental and non-profit. By supporting us, you create the possibility for young people in your hometown to participate in our exhibition, you become part of a growing action network, and you contribute to shaping a future of solidarity based on the lessons from the past.

For your donation, please wire it to:
Grenzenlos e. V.
GLS Bank
Keyword: AG Buchenwald
Kto.: 40 12 42 78 01
BLZ: 430 609 67

IBAN: DE02430609674012427801


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