Romania 2014

TGB-Activists from Berlin and Bucharest have met during the period 20-23 of January 2014 and explored together the possibilities to develop further partnerships in Bucharest – collecting ideas and looking for people interested to become part of our future projects – as partners in the learning process, as participants, advisors, publics.

Together we organized the following activities:

  • we have visited a woman survivor from an external concentration camp of Buchenwald;
  • we have discussed with the manager of the educational department of the Elie Wiesel Institute – the state institute responsible for Holocaust research in Romania;
  • we have visited the Holocaust Memorial and we have attended the commemoration of the Bucharest Pogrom (of 21-23 January 1941) at the Jewish Cemetery;
  • we have met activists interested in the topic of Holocaust education and exchanged knowledge from our different social contexts.

As a result, we have developed 2 further actions:

  1. an international workshop in Bucharest, October 2014, for knowledge sharing regarding the history of Holocaust in Romania and the recent memory politics related to it, in the wider European context;
  2. an international seminar in Bucharest, May 2015, for knowledge sharing on educational/ pedagogical methods in deadling with nationalism, fascism, racism among young people.



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